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Kicked-Up Canned Baked Beans

Kicked-Up Canned Baked Beans - An easy and delicious recipe!

Kicked-Up Canned Baked Beans are an easy and delicious way to make regular canned baked beans taste like you made them from scratch!

Twice a year, side dishes are almost as important as main dishes: summer parties and Thanksgiving. Summer is for relaxation and relaxation, and who wants to make a fuss?

If you love the convenience of canned baked beans but find them as lacking in homemade flavor as I do, my Kicked-Up Canned Baked Beans are an easy way to dress up and make them taste like you made them from scratch! These are the best canned baked beans!

The flavor base of canned beans already exists, but with the help of simple ingredients you probably already have on hand, no one will ever know you started with store-bought convenience items!

How to make canned baked beans:

Start with four 16.5-ounce cans or two 28-ounce cans of Original Recipe canned baked beans, like Bush's.

Gather the remaining ingredients:

  • bacon
  • onion
  • molasses
  • Spicy brown mustard (can be substituted for yellow mustard)
  • Worcestershire
  • brown sugar
  • ketchup
  • A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a little spice is optional and not pictured.
  • Brown the bacon and cook the onion.
  • Combine everything in a 4-quart baking dish.  Save a little bacon to sprinkle over the top.
  • The Kicked-Up Canned Baked Beans can be assembled up to two days ahead of time.  If making ahead, simply refrigerate covered until needed.

Garnish with the reserved bacon…
And let everyone dig in! Don’t forget to be safe when getting together and STAY HEALTHY!