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What would happen if rules did not exist?

What would happen if rules did not exist?

What would happen if rules did not exist?

If rules did not exist, the world would be out of control: people do not follow the laws and rules that have been set in place. Without these rules, there would be nothing to stop people from doing whatever they wanted whenever they liked, making sense for society to keep these laws.

What will happen if there is no rule of law?

If there is no rule of law still the world goes with certain rule of law (nature law ) where is strong and intlegent will servive and the weeker will have no place. this law is if apply in the world means that your worest started now becouse the do not spent time in quora.

Can a society exist without the law?

Can a society exist without laws? A Society rarely survives without some formed code of conduct. Thus it cannot exist without law, whether it is natural law or human law. From the very ancient period of human evolution, there is certain practice going on of law.

What would happen to society if there were no rules?

But without some rules – and some tendency for us to stick to them – society would slide rapidly into pandemonium. Indeed, many social scientists would see our tendency to create, stick to, and enforce rules as the very foundation of social and economic life.

What would happen if there were no scientific rules?

Scientific rules? If there were no written or codified rules, not much would change. Each species (and for humans, culture) contains unwritten rules that are socialized into individuals and enforced by society. It is very hard to enforce a rule that no one believes in.