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What is the Hollow Earth theory?

What is the Hollow Earth theory?

What is the Hollow Earth theory?

The Hollow Earth Theory has been described as the “mother of all conspiracy theories” (by us, just now). At first glance, the theory—really, more of a hypothesis—seems laughably silly. The Earth, according to the theory, is completely hollow, and there’s an entire civilization living at the core.

What is the Hollow Earth?

Hollow Earth is a subterranean world below the surface of the planet Earth, inhabited by both humans and Abnormals. It consisted of an enormous cave network that crisscrossed the Earth's crust and in some placed penetrated the mantle layer.

Is the earth hollow inside?

The Hollow Earth. The Earth is just like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside. The crust of the Earth is about 700 miles thick. Gravity, which is caused by the radiation of the sun, is inside that crust.

What is Earth theory?

The theory that the Earth is hollow is based on the ancient legends of many cultures that say there are races of people - entire civilizations - that thrive in subterranean cities. Very often, it is stated, these dwellers of the underworld are more technologically and spiritually advanced than those of us on the surface.