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What are the leafy vegetables in China?

What are the leafy vegetables in China?

Chinese Vegetables: Leafy Greens 1 Bok Choy (白菜) 2 Shanghai Bok Choy (上海白菜) 3 Dwarf Bok Choy (奶油白菜) 4 Chinese Broccoli (芥兰) 5 Chinese Choy Sum (菜心) or Yu Choy(油菜) 6 Chinese Water Spinach(空心菜) 7 Chinese Spinach or Amaranth (苋菜) 8 Chinese Napa Cabbage (大白菜) 9 Taiwanese Cabbage 10 Savoy Cabbage 更多结果...

Why are there so many green vegetables in Chinese cuisine?

Chinese cuisine uses an abundance of its own green vegetables to bring excellent nutrients, taste, and texture to a huge number of dishes. On a regular Chinese family dinner table, you can usually spot a few dishes using various green vegetables, along with a protein dish, a soup, and rice (sometimes noodles or dumplings).

How to prepare Chinese vegetables?

For a successful dish of Chinese vegetables, you must follow a few simple rules on how to prepare, cut, and thoroughly wash them. Chinese leafy green vegetables grow in sandy soil, and like any other vegetable have to be washed thoroughly. We use a large stainless steel bowl generally follow the same process… 1.

What are the 12 most popular Asian vegetables?

12 Vegetables From Around Asia—And How to Use Them. 1. Opo Squash. Photo by Shutterstock. Alternate Names: Nam tao, bottle gourd, cucuzza squash, calabash, yugao, long squash, bau, Italian edible gourd, 2. Taro Root. 3. Lotus Root. 4. Daikon Radish. 5. Japanese Eggplant.

What is the most expensive food you can buy?

The 15 Most Expensive Foods You Can Buy 1. Almas Caviar. It wouldn’t be the most expensive food list without some Caviar, now would it? One kilogram of this... 2. Yubari King Melons. Considered a lavish gift in Japan, these melons are exceptionally expensive due to their... 3. Bluefin Tuna. Bluefin

What is the most expensive dish at Westin Hotel?

Well, Westin Hotel Bagel is the most expensive dish for a purpose. It has white truffles, gold leaves and jelly of goji berry. The white truffles cheesy cream is also hell of an expensive food. However, the food was first served to raise a fund on scholarships of a specific sector that helps the needy students.

Is saffron the most expensive food in the world?

Saffron is one of the most expensive foods in the world but not the costliest. However, Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice and the most valuable plant in the world. It has been growing in Iran for thousands of years. What are the most expensive foods in the world in 2021?

What is the most expensive seafood in the world?

Bluefin tuna from Japan often tops the seafood charts as the most expensive seafood in the world. There are several reasons why it’s so expensive. Only Bluefin tuna has intense marbling and a precise balance of flavors compared to other types of Tuna fish, due to higher fat content.

Is it possible to eat at one of the most expensive restaurants?

But while many of us are happy to splurge on special occasions, having a meal at one of the most expensive restaurants in the United States may not be a feasible option. That said, it’s fun to look at what some of these incredibly pricey eateries are serving up, even if you have no intention of making a reservation.