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How long would life have been possible on Mars?

How long would life have been possible on Mars?

How long would life have been possible on Mars?

A low-angle self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. If you dream of setting foot on the red planet, you may be able to breathe a little easier. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Updated | Mars would have had conditions right for life to survive for around 700,000 years, between 3.8 and 3.1 billion years ago, scientists have discovered.

What is the evidence for life on Mars?

There is no evidence that there is currently life on Mars. Some scientists think that they have found evidence that there WAS life on Mars at some time in the past. The evidence that they found is fossilized bacteria (3.6 billion year old dead bacteria) on a meteor from Mars that struck Antarctica 13,000 years ago.

Did Mars once have life?

Researchers have discovered another clear indicator that life once existed on Mars. NASA's Curiosity rover has found evidence of boron on the red planet's surface. It is a key ingredient for life, and scientists say the find is a huge boost in the hunt for life.

Was there once life on Mars?

Scientists have claimed to have found definitive proof that there was once life on Mars. They have presented new evidence which they say removes any doubt that a meteorite carried the remnants of ancient Martian bacteria to Earth.

Did life ever exist on Mars?

It is likely, though not certain, that if life ever evolved on Mars, it did so in the presence of a long-standing supply of water. On Mars, we will therefore search for evidence of life in areas where liquid water was once stable, and below the surface where it still might exist today.